Premio Ruido bases

1. Why Premio Ruido is called

The main objective of Premio Ruido is to celebrate musical creativity, in all genres, stylistic areas and languages, which is currently produced in the Spanish State. His call entails the organization of a delivery ceremony, accompanied by live actions, provided that the conditions are optimal for it.

Another music award added to all those already?Yes, but not: this is the only one that will be granted only and exclusively according to the agreed criteria of music specialized in music, apart from industrial dynamics or popular voting, with the claim that it becomes a distinctive quality and prestige as it happens as it happenswith the Mercury Prize in the United Kingdom or the Polaris in Canada.

2. The category at competition

The awards are organized in a single category that correspond to the best national album.

The objective of the award is to offer the public a global vision of the best albums edited in Spain, regardless of the musical and gender style to which it corresponds.

It is considered a national disc:

To the recording in which at least half of the members that make up the musical training have nationality and/or permanent residence in Spain.

3. Conditions to participate

The discs must have been edited and distributed in Spain, either in a physical or digital way between December of the year immediately and November of the current year.

Distribution is understood as the publicly made available to the public (CD, vinyl) or digital through a physical store, digital, musical web or digital application (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.).

Compilation discs and reissues are excluded.

4. The voting system

All members of associate journalists from Spain will be able to vote by sending their favorite references of the current year to an email address provided by the organization.

Phase I: Votation to the candidates.Each member with PAM law can vote until twelve (12) references of national records (each selection will mean a vote).In the statutes of the PAM, it is agreed that the votes are granted exclusively to the artistic quality of the album regardless of its commercial career, quality of the direct or relationship with the record label to which the group is part.

Phase II: Votation to the finalists.You can only vote the 12 albums that have received the most votes in the first phase, that is, the finalists.

The number of finalists will exceed 12 only in case there is a draw to votes in the first round of voting.

The ordination of the list of finalists will be alphabetical and in no case by number of votes to avoid influencing the decision of the members of the PAM.

The album that gets more votes in the second phase will be the winner.

In case of a tie, it will be the board of directors of PAM who resolves the winner, among the albums that have obtained the same number of votes.

At the end of November, the 12 finalist discs will be published on Premio Ruido website.

During the month of January, or according to the PAM board of directors, the awards ceremony will be held where the winning album will be announced and trophy will be delivered.

5. Prize endowment

The most voted national album will receive a trophy that will accredit him as the best album of the year for the PAM.

The prize will be awarded to the artist or artists of the recording.

6. The organizer

The Live Club Eventos Special live S.L.It is the company that coordinates and produces for the PAM the annual awards.

7. Rights and obligations of the PAM Board of Directors

The PAM Board of Directors will ensure compliance with these bases certifying the validity of candidate prizes, directing the voting process in the two stipulated phases and guaranteeing the validity of the result of said votes.

The decisions of the PAM Board of Directors will be taken by a simple majority, also these bases may be subject to modifications by the same Board.