Premio Ruido

Premio Ruido, established in October 2015, is an annual award in a single category for the best musical album produced in Spain.

The first installment of the noise award took place in January 2016, after the candidate discs in November 2015.

The conception of the award, in terms of the process and bases of the contest, resembles the Mercury Prize, created in 1992, whose main selection criteria is artistic quality and "influence", in reaction to other awards, such as the BRIT, inthose that intervene the success in sales.But while the Mercury Prize is awarded by the British record association, and its nominations are chosen by a mixed panel of both musicians, as journalists and figures of the United Kingdom's music industry and Ireland, the noise award in Spain was established by journalistsMusic Associates (PAM), and it is its members who fundamentally take part in the National Team.The Live Club Eventos Musicals live S.L.Coordinates and produces the annual awards, while the Board of Directors of the PAM directs and validates the vote.

THE FINALIST BASES PRIZE VII EDITION PREVIOUS EDITIONS NEWS PRESS CONTACT. In it, in a first phase, the members associated with the PAM choose their preferred national discs, of any style and gender, among all the edited that year.That first phase determines twelve nominees.

The recording is considered national in which at least half of the components of musical training have nationality and/or permanent residence in Spain.In the second phase, associates vote for one among all nominees.Winning artists are granted an accrediting trophy.The author of the award since its first edition has been the sculptor and artist Francisco Olivares Díaz, known as Fod.